ILT10C Lux/Light Meter with NIST Traceable Calibration

Hand Held Lux Light Meter

ILT10C Lux/Light Meter with NIST Traceable Calibration

Part Number: ILT10C

Lux Meter Features

  • Economical & Easy-to-Use Light Meter
  • Measures 400-700 nm (Human Eye Visible Range)
  • Measurement Units: Lux & Foot Candles
  • Measurement Ranges:
    10 - 400,000 Lux
    1 - 40,000 Foot Candles (Fc)
  • Resolution: 0.1 Lux / 0.1 Fc
  • 4 Digit LCD Display
  • Analog measurement: analog bar-graph indication
  • Maximum / Minimum Reading Hold Button
  • Data Hold Button
  • Over / Under Range Indicator
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Included
  • Hand-Held, Battery Operated Portability


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The ILT10C Lux Light Meter is ILT’s most economical light measurement system. The ILT10C reads out in either Lux or Foot Candles in the human eye Visible range (400-700 nm) and is designed for use in a wide variety of applications needing a quick, accurate light measurement.

Typical applications include new light fixture installations requiring proof of minimum or maximum light output, confirmation of adequate lighting in factory production areas, in public building stairways and corridors, to meet OSHA lighting compliance, etc.


The ILT10C Lux Light Meter comes with a NIST traceable and ISO 17025 accredited calibration.


ILT10C Lux Meter Specifications

Display: 4 digits LCD display
Wavelength Range: 400-700 nm (Human Eye Visible Range)
Measuring Range: 10 Lux ~ 400,000 Lux, 1 Fc ~ 40,000 Fc
Accuracy: ±10%
Resolution: 0.1 Lux / 0.1 Fc
Sampling Time: 2 times/second
Measurement Units: Lux and Foot Candles (Fc)
Auto Measurement: AUTO
Battery Indication: Low battery indication
Analog Measurement: analog bar-graph indication
Overrange Indication: “OVER” or “UNDER”
Operating Conditions: -20oC~+60oC 10% RH~90% RH
Storage Conditions: -20oC~+60oC 10% RH~75% RH
Auto Power Off: Automatic shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity