ILT750-BILI454 BiliBlanket Light Meter


ILT750-BILI454 BiliBlanket Light Meter

Part Number: ILT750-BILI454 US

The Replacement to the Discontinued Ohmeda BiliBlanket II Light Meter 


Don’t get left in the dark! International Light Technologies has an off the shelf replacement for people using any of the GE phototherapy blue light systems, or looking to replace their discontinued Ohmeda blue light meter.


  • Reads within a few % of the discontinued Ohmeda meter
  • Large, easy to read OLED display
  • Calibration at 454 nm using a GE LED light source
  • Verify irradiance and average irradiance values over the entire treatment area in less than 1 minute 
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited and NIST Traceable calibration  
  • Select units (µW/cm2/nm or W/cm2
  • Easy-to-hold and clean, light weight ergonomic design 
  • Custom filter matching designed
  • Made in the USA

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The Only Direct Replacement for the Ohmeda Bili Light Meters


The ILT750-BILI454 is a direct replacement to the Ohmeda light meter for testing GE traditional and


LED blue light sources used for treatment of infant jaundice.  The advanced features of the ILT model eliminates the need to touch a pen and paper or do any math. Simply scan the detector over the blanket or under the light source and let the meter do the math for you.  

Through extensive design and testing the ILT750-BILI454 meter is able to read within a few percent of the discontinued Ohmeda Biliblanket II Blue light meter. The meter can be used not only on the blanket but on all of the GE lighting systems including.

  • GE Giraffe Systems 
  • GE Lullaby Systems 
  • GE BiliSoft Systems 
  • Traditional GE Blue light systems

OEM’s and Distributors are welcome. Custom branding available and includes:

    • Custom artwork on all labels
    • Startup / splash screen display 
    • Software / firmware - including company name, part number calibration information and more. 


Watch our video showing the simplicity of the ILT750-BILI vs Ohmeda Biliblanket II

ILT750-BILI454 Device Specifications

Meter Current range:  1 nA to 1.65 uA
Optical Sensor 410 - 510 nm
  454 nm peak
Measurement Features:  
Band Irradiance Range .8 to 7000 µW/cm2/nm
Irradiance Range 30 to 20,000 µW/cm2
Visualization Intensity over time, Plus Peak
Stats Min, Max, and Average
Screen Update .5 seconds
Units µW/cm2/nm and µW/cm2
Power Supply 2 AA batteries
Mechanical Dimensions (in mm)  
Meter 160 x 70 x 35  (HxWxD) 
Meter Display 50 x 32 (WxH)
Sensor 65 x 43 x 32 (includes 5mm room for wire to bend) (HxWxD)
Meter & Sensor Mounted 205 x 70 x 35 (HxWxD)
Cable 860 mm (2.8 ft)
Weight 220g (0.5 lb)
Mounting Sensor attaches to top of meter face up or down.  Can also be used detached.
Ambient Temperature 0-40 Deg C
Cosine Correction Yes
Linearity Validation Yes
Shipping Weights & Dimensions  
Shipping Box 15" x 12"
Shipping Weight 3 lbs


ILT750 Cosine Response Curve