Light Measurement Accessories

Light Measurement Accessories

International Light Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories including tripods, power cords, computer and extension cables, cases and underwater sensor modifications. Please refer to the chart below for a list of the standard stock accessories.

If you require a custom accessory, please contact us using the form below for more information.



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Part Number Description
A1-10 Tablet, 10", 32GB, Windows 10, for ILT1000 and ILT5000
A100 5v,1.5A POWER SUPPLY for INS125 validation lamp
A126 INS125 40mm reflectance Std./port blocker
A1490LP Light Pipe,4"L, 0.19dia.,.55NA
A204 Tripod, Compact with Mini
A205 Bench Post Assembly
A207 Silicon sensor with BNC cable (no L or D connector)
A254 2" Reflectance Standard
A3 Cable, OTG, MicroUSB Adapter for A1-10 computer
A310 Empty filter ring (up to 7mm thick filters)
A311 Empty filter ring (up to 4mm thick filters)
A400 Cable, ILT400/490 charging cable
A405 Large carrying case ILT1700
A407 Extension cable, 10 ft (15 PIN D SUB)
A407-100 Extension cable 100 FT (15 PIN D SUB)
A407-20 Extension cable 20 FT (15 PIN D SUB)
A411 Cable, Connect L sensors to D on meter (2400,5000,6000,1700)
A411-T A411 for use with SEL623, SEL624, SEL625 thermopiles
A418HM Cable, center line extension with XLR connectors
A425 O-scope adapter, DB15f to wire
A508 Cable – Connects D (15 pin) sensor to 1400 meter
A706 Spot-finder lite source
A800 3, 5, 8mm spot cure fiber adapter kit for ILT800 CureRight radiometers
A950F w P11 For use between two fiber optic light guides. Includes two collimating lenses with SMA905 connectors. Connectors are removable to allow insertion of 1/2 inch filters. Commonly used filters are Neutral density filters, Short pass and Long pass filter
A950F Only Inline 1/2 Inch Filter Holder
CC400 Small carrying case 6.5 x 9.5
CC200 Medium carrying case 268X168X23 mm
CC950 Large carrying case 17x12x3.5


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