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International Light Technologies has been developing and manufacturing high-performance light meters and measurement systems for over 50 years. Our comprehensive portfolio of light measurement products include radiometers, photometers, optometers, dataloggers, lux meters, chroma meters, spectrometers and spectroradiometers.  These meters are designed to measure light in the IR, NIR, VIS and UV Range. Our meters are used for process validation, and research and development covering a broad range of applications including manufacturing, aerospace, medical, scientific, industrial, automotive, agriculture, healthcare, entertainment, military, marine, and more. 


ILT light meters can be customized for system integration and OEM resale.  If you are interested in customization or OEM options, please contact our sales department at 978-818-6180, or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Want to try before you buy? Inquire about light measurement equipment rental here.

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Calibrated Light Meters

ILT light meters are easy-to-use, high performance instruments perfect for use as photometers (lux & chroma meters), intensity meters (candela), UV test (dose and exposure meters), power meters (watts or lumens), and flash light meters (high-intensity pulsed light, Xenon or LED strobe lamps).  Most of ILT's Light Meters, Radiometers and Photometers can be configured with almost any one of our large selection of application-specific light sensors (light detectors), input optics, and light measurement accessories.  Our ILT800 belt radiometer is self-contained and has specific spectral response models available.


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Browse our offering of NIST Traceable light meters with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibrations below.


ILT2400 Hand Held Light Meter / Radiometer

The ILT2400 is a portable easy to use light meter loaded with features and applications all accessible on a large full color touch screen display. Simple touch screen operation allows users to view numerical and graphical output of light measurements in lux, fc, W/cm2, W, candela as well and the total integrated dose/exposure in joules, J/cm2, Lux*seconds and more. Sensors are available off the shelf covering the UV range to the IR range. All systems are calibrated in our NIST calibration lab and include ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.



ILT2500 Flash Meter 

The ILT2500 CW and Pulsed/Flash portable light measurement system combines all the excellent features of the ILT2400 light meter, the broader measurement range of a research radiometer, and the pulsed light profiling similar to an oscilloscope.   





ILT5000 Lab Radiometer

The ILT5000 is the replacement for the ILT1700 light meter!  Its smaller size makes it at home in the lab and in the field. Advancements include rapid optical measurements for graphically profiling the output of intense pulse light sources, a broader measurement range, Datalight III for PC and Mac, an iPhone app, plus built-in wireless, data storage, and rechargeable batteries!  


ILT1000 Self-Contained Datalogging Optometer

The ILT1000 is a self-contained light meter and sensor in a low profile housing. The versatile UV, VIS and IR datalogging optometer is capable of measuring 8 decades of light intensity (ie nW/cm2w- W/cm2) and providing direct readout in many calibrated units of readout including W, W/cm², J/cm2, Lux, lux*s, Fc, Lumens, cd/m², cd, W/sr, W/sr/cm² and more. The 4-20 mA output can be connected to a PLC for process control. An extensive API is provide for custom programming.  


Configured Light Meter Systems

The below are application-specific, configured light meters.  These light meters come with the detector shown, along with a NIST traceable, ISO17025 accredited calibration.



ILT750-Bili454 - Replacement for the Ohmeda BiliBlanket II Light Meter

Don't get left in the dark!  GE has discontinued their Ohmeda light meter for verifying their phototherapy blue light systems including their Giraffe, Lullaby, and BiliSoft systems.  The ILT750-BILI454 has been specially designed to be an off-the-shelf replacement, able to read within a few percent of the discontinued Ohmeda light meter.  The ILT750-BILI454 is easy to use, and is the fastest way to measure the light coming from your GE bili pad, bili blanket, overhead lights, or other GE blue-light systems.   




ILT750 Bili Light Meter

International Light offers the fastest and easiest way to measure the light from your bili pad, bili blanket, and bili lights.   Say goodbye to doing the math by hand.  With the ILT750, simply scan the detector head over the blanket or pad, or under the light source and let the meter give you all your data with the touch of a button.  No calculating required!  The ILT750 will automatically give you Min, Max and Average values, and read-out in both µW/cm2 and µW/cm2/nm.  Detachable detector head that can be used in any orientation provides ultimate versatility. 



ILT770 Series of Configured Light Meters for UV Measurement Applications 

The ILT770 series of light meters are specially configured to measure light applications in the UV range.  Choose from 5 different configured systems for UVC, Narrow band UVC, Narrow band UVB, UVA or UVA-1 applications.  Each system includes an ILT770 light meter, a UV sensor, NIST traceable – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration with certificate, storage case, USB cable, PC software for downloading stored readings, and a 1 year warranty.


ILT710 Flicker Meter

The ILT710 hand-held illuminance/lux meter takes the headache out of flicker measurement.  The ILT710 is a simple-to-use, low-cost meter that offers users accurate, reliable and continuous measurements in real-time.  The ILT710 provides users with full flicker analysis including lux, % flicker, flicker frequency, flicker index, stroboscopic visibility measure (SVM), and an intensity over time graph.  Perfect for detecting flicker in environments where its effects can be anywhere from a nuisance to a hazard. Buy online!





View Our Configured UVGI Radiometers Aiding In The Fight Against COVID-19

ILT has released a line of light measurement systems configured and calibrated specifically to measure sources commonly found in UV disinfection systems.  Designed to get you validating your UV disinfection systems right out of the box, these systems include a meter, detector, carrying case and ISO71025 accredited calibration.  Available in our on-line store.  We are adding more configured systems daily, so check back for new models!



ILT Belt Radiometers

The ILT800 CureRight Radiometer Series replaces ILT's popular ILT400/490 meters with a host of new and improved features and capabilities including a broad, 5.5 decade measurement range, user-programmable settings, faster sampling speeds, the ability store store up to 20 unique device IDs, and the ability to store up to 1,000 profiles.  The ILT800 measures both pulsed and steady-state light sources, and features a large, OLED display.  The ILT800 is available in multiple filtrations, many of which are available to purchase in our on-line store.  Custom filtration and OEM options are also available.  


ILT800 CureRight Radiometer Series

The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV test system that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability not found in any other system. The ILT800 works on traditional light sources such as flood and Spot cure, UV LED sources, and pulsed light source. The large OLED display provide both a numerical value and a profile (graph) with both irradiance and dose/exposure.    



ILT800-UVF UV LED Light Meter

The ILT800-UVF Hand-Held UV LED Light Meter has been designed specifically to measure UV LED sources including individual chips, LED arrays, spot lights, curing lamps, conveyor/belt systems, chambers, fiber optic light guides, curing wands, and more.  The UVF model is designed for near flat (uniform) sensitivity for UVA LEDs in the range of 360 - 400 nm, while also covering a broader range from 300 to 450 nm, often required for traditional lamps.  Buy online!



ILT800-CUV Low Profile UV Radiometer

The ILT800-CUV has been designed with  UVGI, UV curing, and other LED measurement applications in mind.  The device can measure a wide range of UV LED sources including UVA, UVB and UVC LED sources found in spot, conveyor, flood, chamber, and fiber optics.  Measures UV sources from 215 - 350 nm.  Buy online!


ILT800-UVA CureRight Radiometer

The ILT800-UVA CureRight Radiometer is ILT's meter for measuring UVA for curing applications.  Measures a wide array of sources including UVA LEDs, spot lights, flood lights, and belt/conveyor/chamber systems.  Measures UVA sources from   315 - 390 nm.  Buy online!



ILT800-BAV UV VIS CureRight Radiometer

The ILT800-BAV CureRight Belt Radiometer is ILT's meter for taking both UV and VIS light measurements.  Measures a wide range of UV sources from 275 - 475 nm.  Buy online!




ILT800-UV Broadband CureRight Radiometer

The ILT800-UV belt radiometer is the replacement for ILT's popular ILT390, ILT393, and ILT490 Light Bug belt radiometers.  The ILT800 offers faster measurement speeds, data storage, and connectivity to  PC.  Measures light from light from (250 – 400 nm)  with the same filter and sensor as ILT's historical products.  Buy online!



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