ILT2400 3D Printer/UVA LED Measurements

ILT2400 UV Light Meter

ILT2400, XSD005UVF 3D Printer/UVA LED Measurements

Part Number: ILT2400, XSD005UVF with Low Profile Sensor US

3D Printing, UV Curing & UV LED Measurement System

  • Research functionality at a hand-held price
  • 8 decade dynamic range of optical analysis
  • Measurement speeds up to 1000 µSeconds
  • Meter & sensors with NIST traceable ISO17025 accredited calibration
  • Hand-held, compact, ergonomic design
  • Brilliant 4.3" touch screen dispay
  • 90 degree screen rotation for landscape and portrait viewing
  • ILT's Accuspan:  Auto-ranging with Smart Averaging
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • Backwards compatible with ILT1700 sensors
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom & OEM inquiries welcome!


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UV LED Measurement System response curve

The UV-VIS LED Measurement System with Flat Response

A low-profile, flat response UV LED measurement system designed to simplify taking calibrated measurements of UV LEDs.  The proprietary sensor/filter/optic combination was designed by ILT's engineering team to provide a near flat response over 350 - 410 nm.  This flattened/uniform response allows measurement and comparison of a variety of UV LED wavelengths without the added difficulty of modifying the readout to account for changes in sensor sensitivity.  This systemm can also be used to measure traditional UV sources as well.



Measurement Range:  5e-8 to 8e-1 W/cm2 (7e-8 to 1 W/cm2 with 7mm aperture) 
Spectral Range:  275 - 450 nm
Dimensions:  15 mm x 42 mm dia.
Order part number:  ILT2400, XSD005UVF, (XSD005UVFT7 with 7 mm aperture)

XSD005UVF Sensor










XSD005UVF and XSD005UVFT7 are low profile sensors with internally mounted filters and optics.  No filter/optic swapping is possible with the XSD models.  (Scanned calibration from 250 - 450 nm / every 1, 2, or 5 nm are also available for a fee).


Application Note:  Most UV filters have a bell shaped curve with a fairly narrow peak.  To improve the accuracy of our UVLED measurement system, ILT combined our highly stable GaAsp sensor with a flattening filter and quartz diffuser to offer a more uniform response in the key regions used for UV curing.  (Note:  for UVC measurements in the 215 - 300 nm range, ILT also ffers our ILT2400, XSD270 low profile sensor)




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