Featured Spectrometer Systems

Featured Spectrometer Systems

At International Light Technologies, we have been manufacturing high-performance spectrometers for over 50 years. Our products are trusted by big brands such as Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and HP.

Our team works in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, military, aerospace, and more (for a full list, click here).

Why Choose ILT Spectrometers

Our portable spectrometers are ISO17025 accredited and NIST Traceable. They include integrating spheres, cosine correcting diffusers, fiber patch cords and our complimentary Spectrilight III software that easily and accurately displays both the light spectrum and calibrated light intensity readings.

Featured Spectrometers

Below is a list of our features Spectrometers we offer to our customers:

  • ILT950 - The ILT950 and ILT950UV offer high performance, accuracy, ease-of-use, and a wide array of features all in a rugged, compact, portable design. It featured a new CMOS detector allowing for faster response and data transfer rates as well as a more balanced overall spectral sensitivity, and integration times as brief as 30 seconds.
  • ILT560 ‐ The ILT560 is designed for budget‐conscious customers and comes standard with a SMA905 receptor which allows it to be used for a variety of fiber patch cords and input optics for radiance, total flux/power and irradiance as well as full spectral analysis and calculations for Lux, CRI, CCT and more.
  • ILT950-NIR - The ILT950-NIR compact air-cooled NIR spectrometer uses a 256 pixel linear InGaAs array, and offers both a high-sensitivity and low-noise mode for measurements in the near infrared range, out to 1700 nm (1.7 micron). The ILT950-NIR allows for economical measurements by comparison to many TE cooled spectrometers, yet still offers exceptional performance.
  • ILT350 Chroma Meter - The 3.5” full color display ILT350 Chroma Meter is a hand-held illuminance spectrophotometer designed for quality and ease of use. It features an ergonomic design and is light weight yet packed with features. Extensive data capture and analysis software (no exporting required!), rechargeable battery and internal data storage. The internal memory can store up to 100 files and export data into Excel/Work formats. It features three measurement speeds and can be used for monitoring Bilirubin light source in phototherapy treatments of jaundice.

Custom Solutions

If you are an OEM and are looking for a custom spectrometer solution, our staff works in small and large volumes to create a custom light measurement option best suited for you in a variety of configurations. Be sure to get in touch with us so we can discuss various options.

Try Before You Buy

If you are interested in trying our spectrometers before you buy, you may inquire about our rental opportunities here.


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