ILT560 Miniature Spectrometer

ILT560 Miniature Spectrometer

ILT560 Miniature Spectrometer

Part Number: ILT560 Miniature Spectrometer US

Miniature, Portable Spectrometer Series

  • Range:  350 nm to 900 nm Standard (250-900 nm requires RAA4 and dual source calibration upgrade)
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Included
  • Typical Applications Include:
    • Plant Growth/PAR/Plant Photobiology
    • Characterization of UV Curing Systems
    • Photostability Testing
    • Reflectance
    • Absorbance/Transmittance
    • LED Illumination and Color Analysis
    • Radiometery and Photometry Measurements
    • Accelerated Weathering
    • Fluorescence

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ILT560 with accessories

For Budget-Conscious Customers

ILT is pleased to offer ILT560 SpectroradiometerThe ILT560 Spectroradiometer comes standard with a SMA905 receptor allowing it to be used a variety of fiber patch cords including both flexible and rigid models.


Available Input Optics

Customers can select from a variety of input optics including ILT's:

  • RAA4 Right angle adapter
  • RAA5 mini right angle adapter
  • W/A2 Cosine correcting diffuser
  • W5 Mini diffuser
  • R2 Radiance Optic
  • R3 Spot Radiance Optic
  • INS50 2", 5" and 10" integrating spheres
  • INS125 5" integrating sphere
  • INS125 10" integrating sphere

Each input optic requires its own unique calibration.  Multiple calibrations can be performed on a single spectrometer, allowing measurements of total flux (W, lm), irradiance (W/cm2), radiance (W/sr/cm2), luminance (cd/m2), and illuminance (lux) with the appropriate input optic as noted above.


All systems include ILT's comprehensive software package, SpectriLight II, to allow calculations such as CCT

Optional Spectroradiometer Accessories

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  • Three integrating spheres:  2", 5", 10"
  • Two luminance optics:  spot luminance and +/- 2 Deg FOV
  • Three versions of cosine receptors; mini, standard, right angle
  • Four fiber optic cables; bundled 2 m L, 600 um 1 m long, 200 um .5 m Long, Bifurcated
  • Validation lamp and power supply for integrating spheres, reference measurements
  • Reflectance reference - white
  • Spot finding light source for luminance optics
  • Optical Bench post
  • SpectrILight III Software


SpectrILight III Software


spectrilight III


SpectrILight™ III is a LabView™ based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and color data. Analysis of the data is now calculated instantly within the same program - no exporting required!

The latest version of SpectrILight™ III has additional calculations for metamerism, and 2 and 10 degree observer. The new Overlay feature allows the user to compare the base reading to current readings. Wavelength range, integration time, scan average and other controls can be easily set through pop up windows, menus and tool bars. Absolute Irradiance and chromaticity are calculated instantly.


SpectrILight™ III is LabView™ based software and can be easily customized for specific OEM applications. For API applications, Multiple DLL’s are available. Please contact us for more information.


Requires Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro Editions (Pentium II 300 MHz or better), Windows 8 and Windows 10.  Note: Software will not work with Windows limited  "Home" editions.

Technical Specifications

  ILT560A Broadband
Spectral Range 350 - 900 nm standard*
Stray Light

<0.1% @600, 435 nm

AD Converter 16 bit, 2MHz
Signal/Noise 600:1
Integration Time .5 ms - 10 seconds
Interface USB 2.0
Power Supply USB power
Dimensions (mm) 91 x 60 x 34.5
Temperature Range 5 - 35 degrees C
CCD 2048
Resolution 1 nm
Slit 25 micron
Software Win XP, Win7, Win 8, Win 10

* ILT560A Broadband 250-900 nm requires RAA4 and dual source calibration upgrade