ILT Spectroradiometer Optional Accessories


INS125 5-Inch Integrating Sphere was designed as a powerful accessory to the ILT950, ILT2400 and ILT1700 light measurement tools.  Allows total flux measurements of LED's, small lamps, low power lasers, fiberoptic guides and collimated beams of light.  The removable port adapter also allows calibration and readout  in absolute irradiance with excellent cosine correction.  Unit is configured with 2, 20 mm diameter ports and one 40 mm diameter port for maximum versatility.  System includes, wrench, 5 inch sphere, 1 detector port adapter and 3 removable port covers.  Port covers are painted with the same reflectance material as the sphere to assure maximum performance and also can be used as a reflectance standard.  (Calibration sold separately)


INS50 2-inch Integrating Sphere Two inch diameter integrating sphere with 2 Ports; SMA905 and 7 mm port with lambertian response. Excellent performance in a low cost miniature sphere for testing both mounted and unmounted LEDs, fiber optics and miniature lamps. Provides readout of total flux in Watts and Lumens, Irradiance in W/cm2, Illuminance in lux, color purity, spectral distribution and color temperature with ILT950 and our NIST traceable / ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited. Calibration required (sold separately)


W2 Diffuser MPS2354 sma905 filter holder with internal hemisphere of solid quartz, and fritted quartz disc for excellent spatial response when use with ILT spectrometers.



R2 Radiance Optic - Specialized fiber optic input optic produces an average field of view of 2 deg. for radiance/luminance measurement of extended sources. Requires VS950R calibration.



R3 Spot Radiance Optic - Spot Luminance optic for fixed distance small spot measurement. For use with ILT spectrometers to produce an average spot size of 8 mm at 500 mm distance when used with a 600 micron fiber. Can also be used with our 200 micron fiber to create a much smaller (approx. 2 mm) spot. (Fibers and Calibration are sold separately) Requires VS950R calibration.



A706 Spot Finder light source used to confirm the measurement area of the R2 and R3 input optics



W5E Mini Cosine Correcting Diffuser with 6.35 mm OD and ~10.92 mm length.  Screws onto ILT950 fiber optic via the standard SMA connector for tight-clearance applications requiring improved spatial response while maintaining the absolute smallest fiber diameter possible. Calibration required (sold separately)


RAA4 Right-Angle Cosine Adapter with 0.27 inch diameter aperture, permits measurement of light sources 90º to the fiber normal. Sold with weighted screw-on handle for more stable detector placement when needed. Excellent cosine response, increases signal transmitted to CCD spectrometer, excellent for lower light, low profile, and small diameter light pattern measurements. Calibration required (sold separately)



P11 Patchcord Rigid Fiber Optic can be used with RAA4, W2, W5E, INS150 to mount the optics up close to the spectrometer, creating a more portable hand held configuration.


Filter holder


 A950F Inline 1/2 inch Filter Holder for use between two fiber optic light guides. Includes two collimating lenses with SMA905 connectors. Connectors are removable to allow insertion of 1/2 inch filters. Commonly used filters are Neutral density filters, Short pass and Long pass filters.

Note: P11 Rigid 2" Fiber Optic Light Guide also shown in photo sold separately.


FFO1000 2 meter long, 1000 micron, armored fiber optic light guide. Transmits light from 250-1050 nm. Strong armored cable adds additional protection against breakage often required for longer fiber lengths.



FFO12 12" Nom. Long Patchcord 600 micron fiber LS HOH with special High temperature construction able to withstand up to 300 Deg C. for up to 3 minutes. (shown with RAA4 - sold separately)


A253 Diffuse Reflectance Standard


A253 Diffuse Reflectance Standard used to create a white reference for reflectance measurements. 35 mm diameter surface area #6080 White Reflecting Coating that produces a stable, efficient and highly diffuse reflectance over a broad wavelength.


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