ILT5000 Lab Radiometer with Attenuator Filter for Measuring Low-Pressure Mercury Lamps


Part Number: ILT5000,SED240/QNDS2/W US

Bench-Top Research Attenuated Germicidal Light Measurement System

  • 10+ Decade Dynamic Range of Optical Analysis
  • Pico-ammeter: 10fA to 1mA (calibrated from 100fA - 1mA)
  • Wireless Communication, Built-in
  • User controlled or Auto: Range, Zero/Dark, Sample Rate
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • 15 pin D Sub and SMA sensor/input ports
  • “Set it & Forget It” Remote Data Logging
  • Power: USB or Built-in Re-Chargeable Battery Pack
  • Multi-System Simultaneous Continuous Monitoring
  • Includes DataLight II Software and Labview Sample Code
  • NIST-Traceable/ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Sample Rate Up to 100 Hz, Programmable
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom & OEM Inquiries Welcome


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SED240Q2W Response Curve

Configured to measure more intense low-pressure mercury lamps with the addition of an attenuator filter.

Measurement Range:  6.67e-6 to 3.33e-1 Watts/cm2
Hazard Spectral Range: 185 – 320 nm, calibration wavelength at 254 nm
Dimensions: 65 mm x 42 mm diameter
Order part number: ILT5000 (meter), SED240/QNDS2/W (detector)

Applications:  This detector has a peak spectral response at 254 nm and a 100x attenuation filter to facilitate measurement of medium-intensity, low-pressure mercury sources. Since low-pressure mercury lamps produce better than 95% of their energy at 254 nm, they are easily measured by this detector without additional bandwidth filtration. 

SED SEL 240W Detector












Filters and input optics are removable and may be ordered separately from the detector assembly to allow filter and input optic swapping.

For the latest meter specifications, data sheet, installation guide, tech notes and software, visit the ILT5000 page here.