Light Measurement White Papers


UV Curing


UV Process Monitoring and Control:   This white paper discusses understanding light meter specifications and how they are important to validating your UV curing application.  Features and specifications of light measurement systems can vary widely by manufacturer.  It's important to understand which features are most relevant to your process, your curing system and the materials being cured.






Miniature Spectrometer White Paper

Miniature Spectrometers - Understanding Key Specifications :  This white paper discusses how spectrometers work, and understanding the key specifications and comparisons of ILT's spectrometer offering.  Their compact size and ease of operation make them widely used in many different spectroscopic measurements applications, such as color analysis, concentration determination of chemical components or absolute optical radiation measurements. 




UV Curing

Spectroradiometry in UV Curing:  This article discusses the benefits of using a UV spectrometer in UV curing applications.  Spectrometers are now able to verify the spectral distribution curves of UV curing lamps, thus allowing customers to ensure a proper match of the UV lamp's output to requirements of the photoinitiator.  Monitoring and accounting for changes in spectrum and intensity of UV the lamp's output in the effective areas is key consistent, high-quality results in the curing process.