ILT700 Custom Light Meter Solutions for OEMs

Discover the ILT700 OEM Light Meter series, available in a variety of configurations from International Light Technologies. Watch our latest video demo and see how the ILT700 can be customized specifically to your needs.

Available configurations include:

  • ILT700 OEM Brand Fully Customizable Light Meter – ready for your custom design to provide your customers with assurance they need. (get in touch with us for a custom quote request)
  • ILT710 Light Meter – Affordable, simple to use light meter takes the headache out of flicker measurement! Detects flicker and prevents the ill effects caused by flicker.
  • ILT770-UV – Anti-microbial, portable light meter designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
  • ILT750 Bili Blue Light Meter – Innovative light meter used in treatment of jaundice. It is our first, ISO13485, Class 1 Medical Device, measuring bili blue light sources and is super easy to use (no math required!). Become the technology leader in patient care with the latest advances in light measurement

Video Demo:


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