ILT2400 Hand-Held Radiance Measurement System

Hand-Held Light Meter

ILT2400, SED033/F/R

Part Number: ILT2400, SED033/F/R US

Audience Scanning Laser / Light Measurement Systems

  • Research Quality at a Hand-held Price
  • 8 Decade Dynamic Range of Optical Analysis
  • Made in USA
  • Meter & Sensors with NIST Traceable ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Hand-held, Compact, Ergonomic Design
  • Brilliant 4.3” Touch Screen Display
  • 90° Screen Rotation for Landscape and Portrait Viewing
  • ILT’s Accuspan: Auto-ranging with Smart Averaging
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Lasts Up to 8 Hours
  • Backwards Compatible with ILT1700 Sensors
  • Measurement Speeds Up to 100 μSeconds
  • Custom & OEM Inquiries Welcome


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Spectral Repsonse

Sensor Configurations

Peak Irradiance in W/cm2

  • Dynamic Range: 4e-9 to 5e-2 W/cm²
  • Measurement Range: 400 -1000 nm
  • Dimensions: 30 x 42 mm dia.
  • Ordering part#(s): SED033/F/A313-7MM

Total Flux in W:

SED100/F/K15, Larger diode area selected for ease of aiming and assure total flux is measured.
Dynamic Range: 7.69e-13 to 1.5e-2 Watts
(Note: add QNDS1, QNDS2 or QNDS3 to attenuate by a factor 10,100 or 1000 as needed)

SED033/F/HNK15 Includes a narrow beam adapter to prevent aiming errors.
Dynamic Range: 2e-7 to 3 Watts


SED033/F/INS125 or SED033/F/INS250. The INS125 5” integrating sphere and INS250 10” integrating sphere allow total flux measurements from sources that are larger than the active area of the SED100 and HNK15. This include small lamps, lasers, laser diodes and other light sources. Our Integrating spheres have two ports for connecting the light source (one 20 mm dia port and one 40 mm dia. Port)
Average power measurement ranges cover from 3e-6 W up to 3 Watts.
(Note: add QNDS1, QNDS2 or QNDS3 to attenuate by a factor 10,100 or 1000 as needed)

SED detector






Radiance in W/cm2/sr

SED033/F/R Narrow field of view, radiance probe. Field of view: 1.5 deg. Designed for average measurement of radiance over a target area greater than 30 mm diameter plus 0.75 degree half angle.
Dynamic Range: 6e-8 to 1e+0 W/cm²/sr
Measurement Range: 400-1064 nm
Dimensions: 87 x 42 mm dia.
Ordering part#(s): SED033/F/R






Audience Scanning Laser / Light Measurement Systems

The ILT2400, SED033/F/A313-7MM Audience Scanning Laser Light Measurement Kit makes taking laser light show measurements simple, fast, reliable and repeatable.


ILT worked with a group of audience scanning laser safety experts to customize the ILT2400, SED033/F/A313-7MM and the peak capture software reducing measurement time from over a half hour to just a few minutes. The system was configured to allow rapid measurements of peak exposure for single and/or multiple lasers of any combination of colors and provides an easy readout in W/cm2.


Along with peak capture mode, the ILT software also had the added ability to measure the total dosage or exposure in J/cm2 with the click of the mouse or a tap on the screen. Additional sensor configurations are available for testing Radiance (W/cm2/sr) or Total Flux (Watts)


For the latest meter specifications, data sheet, installation guide, tech notes and software, visit the ILT2400 page here.