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UV Light Meter Calibration Services

ILT offers ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited light meter calibration services for numerous types of UV measurement systems covering the full UV spectrum from 200 - 400 nm.  (185 nm calibration is also available without NIST traceability).

Meter calibration coverage by application include:

  • UV curing (area, belt, conveyor, oven, and spot cure systems)
  • Sterilization / germicidal UVC
  • Optical / UV hazard
  • Photoresist / Photolithography UV
  • Phototherapy
  • 3D printing

Our UV light meter calibration software / database maintains all calibration records dating back to the 1990s, enabling ILT to:

  • Notify customers when system calibration is due
  • Provide an accurate history of all prior service
  • Provide support during a calibration audit
  • Show trends in performance (stability or degredation)

Calibration options include standard (single point calibration at one intensity), scanned calibrations (sensitivity by wavelength for sensors emitting current), linearity testing (three or more intensities), spatial response verification, filter transmission testing, and more.


ILT requires all orders be sent with an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form prior to sending in your instrumentation.  Price quotes can be obtained by selecting "Yes" on the "Quote Needed Prior to Service" box on the RMA form; by emailing us at [email protected], or by telephone at (978) 818-6180.   Please note that your RMA will act as your purchase order.


What you will receive with your calibration:


  • Calibration correction factor with 'as found' and 'as left' results
  • Calibration certificate - a hard copy of our certificate will be sent with your meter.  Our certificate is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and NIST traceable.  (Click the thumbnail to the right to see an example of a calibration certificate)
  • Reminder when your yearly calibration is due

(Note:  Non-ILT meter calibration does not include internal manipulation of the meter's stored calibration.  A scaling factor (multiplier) is provided for non-ILT meter calibrations along with a certificate of calibration.  For devices that allow programming a new calibration factor, ILT supplies the data required for the end user to adjust the readings/internally stored calibration factors).


ILT offers UV calibration for power/total flux in watts as well as irradiance/illuminance in W/cm2.  Validation of total dosage/exposure is also available for units reading out J/cm2 and joules.


Please note that not all sensor combinations are possible depending upon the spectrum/band pass, filter weighting, peak wavelength, and dynamic range of the system configuration.  In cases where one meter can be used with many sensor/filter/optic combinations, servicing/calibration of that meter may not be possible.


Below is a list of commonly calibrated models.  Use the drop down to jump to a specific brand/manufacturer.  If you have questions or do not see your meter listed, you can contact us via email at [email protected], or by phone at 978-818-6180.  Click on the above buttons to either send us an inquiry, get a quote, or send your meter in for calibration using the RMA form.  You can also a request quote in the RMA form by selecting "Yes" in the Quote Needed Prior To Servicing form field.                                       

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Commonly Calibrated UV Meter Models



Daavlin X96

Daavlin X97


Delta OHM

Delta OHM HD 2102.2                                                    

Delta OHM LP 471 P-A

Delta OHM HD 9021

Delta OHM LP 9021 LUM 6



Dymax Accu-cal




EIT LED R and LEDCURE                                    

EIT Power Puck

EIT Spot Cure

EIT UV Map and Map Plus

EIT UviCure




Excelitas OmniCure 2000

Excelitas R2000












Fluke Dale 40


G&R Labs

G&R Labs Model 221




Gigahertz Optik X1

Gigahertz Optik P-9710-1

Gigahertz Optik XD-9509








Jelight JP9710

Jelight JX11




Lesco UV Meter



National Biological

National Biological 400C

National Biological 500C     

National Biological Houva




OAI Instruments Model 308



Omega Engineering

Omega Engineering



Opsytec Dr. Grobel

Opsytec Dr. Grobel GmbH Tracker Series

Opsytec Dr. Grobel GmbH RM Series



Sky Instruments

Sky Instruments



Solar Light

Solar Light Solar Meter








Spectronics Accumax



Sper Scientific

Sper Scientific




UDT C Series

UDT FlexOptometer

UDT S450

UDT S471



UV Power

UV Power Integrator 06



UV Process Supply

UV Process Control Cure

UV Process Diskure




UVX Meter


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