ILT77CE Narrow Band UVC Meter


  • NIST – traceable calibration at 254 nm
  • Measurement of Low Pressure Mercury Lamps ONLY
  • Removable protective boot (not shown)
  • Simple 1-button operation, auto shutoff
  • Hold feature
  • 4½ - digit readout
  • Spectral response 214 – 360 nm ("UVC peak")
  • 9 volt battery operated
  • 3 foot detector cable
  • Made in the USA



ILT77CE Spectral Response Curve

The use of germicidal low-pressure mercury lamps and UVC LEDs for UV disinfection has rapidly expanded into a wide array of industrial, commercial, and

municipal applications such as HVAC, food processing and water treatment.


The increasing popularity of these UV disinfection lamp systems has created a requirement for a simple, economical, yet highly accurate means of monitoring the lamp output to ensure their peak germicidal effectiveness.


The ILT77CE Germicidal UV-C Light Meter / Radiometer was specifically designed to easily and directly measure the output from conventional low pressure mercury germicidal lamps only. Custom calibration is also available for measuring UV LEDs.  The included XP77 detector comes with three foot cable and a teflon diffuser.


The system measures a spectral range of 214 to 360 nm ("UVC") with a NIST traceable calibration.


The meter has a 4½ - digit display handling up to 199.99 mW/cm2, with a resolution of 0.01 mW/cm2. Readings are taken using a single button, and the meter shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to preserve the life of the 9 volt battery. It is enclosed in a removable cushioning boot (not shown) that protects the unit from accidental falls and acts as an instrument stand or hanger.


Each system is individually calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and is supplied with a calibration certificate.