ILT B2S-65 1x3 LED Light Module, Super K2 Replacement

ILT BS2 LED Light Module

B2S-65 Light Module, Super K2 Replacement

Part Number: B2S-65


  • Replaces the Super K2 modules
  • Three high-brightness Nichia LEDs per module
  • High efficiency - up to 103 LPW
  • 6500K CCT
  • Built-in lens with 170 degree beam angle for uniform light
  • IP65 rated, suitable for outdoor use
  • Single module cuttable
  • Sold in boxes of 28 modules per box


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Versatile LED Retrofit 

The BS2 LED module has been designed and engineered for performance and longevity.  The BS2 module delivers high lumen out-put through a fully integrated, super-wide 170o beam angle lens.



  • Cove lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Shallow single-faced lighted cabinets
  • Illuminated awnings


Ordering Information

BS2 Ordering Information



Product Information

BS2 Product Information


General Specifications: 

BS2 Specs


Mechanical Specifications:

BS2 Mechanical Specs Single Module


BS2 Mechanical Specs

Lens Optics:

BS2 Lens Optics