E365-50 UV-A LED Module for Curing / Horticulture / Photo-lithography Applications

E265-50 UVA Module

E365-50 UV-A LED Module for Curing / Horticulture / Photo-lithography Applications

Part Number: E365-50 MODULE


  • The product uses a good heat conduction aluminum radiator, plus air cooling system. Guaranteed long-term continuous work.
  • Targeted: Narrow-band wavelength without unwanted spectrum
  • Energy saving: Compared with the traditional lamps, the energy-saving is up to 80% 
  • Environmental protection: non-metal gas or harmful substances emitting technologies
  • Ceramic substrate with improved thermal transfer for heat management
  • Instant start, High frequency switching
  • PCBA on Aluminum Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB)
  • Contains 20pcs UV-A LED, Mounted, 35-38V line voltage; current 1500mA 
  • Dimensions:  80 x 83 x 68 mm (+/- 1 mm) (L x W x H) 
  • Service life of up to 5,000 hours 

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Spectral distribution


Optical Power (W); Irradiance (mW/cm2)

Distance Power mW/cm2
50 mm   388.086
100 mm   113.883
200 mm   29.776
500 mm   5.024
1000 mm   1.356


Optical Parameters

(T=25oC, IF=1200mA) 

Wavelength: nm 365
Voltage Range:  V 35 - 38
Power Range:  mW  
Light Emitting Angle 60o
Light Emitting Size 30x30 mm
Dimensions:  mm 80 x 83 x 68 (LxWxH)
Heat Dissipation Method Air Cooled
Light Source Life 10,000+ Hours





















  • Do not touch the front of the LED to avoid affecting the normal illumination of the device
  • The positive and negative electrodes must be confirmed before turning on the power device. Reverse connection will damage the device
  • Strictly follow the electrical parameters provided by our company. If the voltage is too high, it may damage the device
  • Under the working condition of deep ultraviolet LED, it should avoid observing the illumination with close eyes