E310-15-STRIP UVB LED Strip

E310-15-STRIP UV-B LED Strip PCBA for Phototherapy / Horticulture/ Photochemistry Applications

Part Number: E310-15-STRIP


  • Aluminum base heat sink 
  • Targeted: Narrow-band wavelength without unwanted spectrum
  • Energy saving: Compared with the traditional lamps, the energy-saving is up to 80% 
  • Environmental protection: non-metal gas or harmful substances emitting technologies
  • Ceramic substrate with improved thermal transfer for heat management
  • Instant start, High frequency switching
  • PCBA on Aluminum Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB)
  • Contains 5pcs UV-B LED, Mounted, 1 string and 12V line voltage; current 200-300mA 
  • Dimensions:  60x 20 x 3.8 mm (+/- 0.2 mm) (L x W x H) 
  • Life of more than 10,000 hours
  • Compatible with the ILT-PWR-12600P5 Power Supply


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Typical Spectrum

typical spectrum


Irradiance (mW/cm2)



25 mm 351.024
50 mm 107.273
100 mm 28.4925
200 mm 7.22302
500 mm 1.17069


Relative Radiant Flux vs Forward Current

Relative radiant flux vs forward current

Forward Current vs Forward Voltage


Forward current vs forward voltage


Definition: E310-15-STRIP contains 5 PCS E310-3 LED, mounted
Package: Ceramic SMD3535
Peak Wavelength: 310 nm
Radiant Flux: 25.0 – 40.0 mW
Forward Voltage: 12.0 V Typical
Spectrum Half Width: 10 nm
View Angle: 120
Rating: T=25°C, IF Max=300mA
Life Hours: 10,000


1. Optical output power's measurement tolerance: ±10%
2. Voltage's measurement tolerance: ±0.1V
3. Dominant wavelength's measurement tolerance: ±1nm
4. Do not touch the LED, contact will deposit oils that effect the normal operation/life.
5. Power: Reversing polarity may damage the device, confirm the positive and negative
6. Strictly operate in accordance with electrical parameters, higher voltage will cause damage/degradation.
7. Optical Hazard Risk: Avoid exposure to skin and eyes.
8. Heat Sink Required.
9. Power supply is not included.