ILT2400 Light Meter Product Manual Overview (Video)

ILT2400 Light Meter Overview

If you recently purchased the ILT2400 Hand Held Light Meter from International Light Technologies, be sure to watch the latest overview video from Jill Fowler, Director of Light Measurement Systems.

This video discusses:

  • How to plug in the sensor before turning on your light meter
  • Software display overview
  • Recommended configuration settings when using the ILT2400
  • How to verify cal. factor prior to use
  • Selecting the chart type and choosing your start up application
  • Using display units to select between light levels
  • Capture & record
  • ...& more!


Watch the video below:

If you need additional assistance or help on how to use your new ILT2400 meter, be sure to get in touch with us by e-mail or call 978-818-6180.


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