Through Hole LEDs

ILT offers a selection of Through-Hole (Discrete) LEDs, from Visible to IR, for sale in our online store. Use the table below to browse our offering. Click on a part number for specifications and pricing/purchasing information.  For additional technical information, visit our Technical and Application page here.  For reference drawings on our thru-hole LEDs, click the PDF link below.  Contact ILT for the actual drawing on any specific LED.  

NOTE: If You Have the ILT or Gilway LED Part Number (ex. E265SL, E34), enter it in the Search box for a link to its specifications and pricing.


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Part No Size Color Lens Type Luminous Intensity at 20mA Min Luminous Intensity at 20mA Typical Viewing Angle Forward Voltage at 20mA Typical Forward Voltage at 20mA Max
E100 3mm Red Clear 50mcd 160mcd 50 2.00V 2.50V
E1004 3mm White Clear 4,760mcd 5,220mcd 20 3.60V 4.00V
E100 3 mm Red Clear 50mcd 160mcd 50 2.00V 2.50V
E1004 3 mm White Clear 4,760mcd 5,220mcd 20 3.60V 4.00V
E1004 3 mm White Clear 4,760mcd 5,220mcd 20 3.60V 4.00V
E102 3 mm Clear 24mcd 60mcd 50 2.05V 2.50V
E103 3 mm Orange Orange 24mcd 60mcd 50 2.05V 2.50V
E105 3 mm Yellow Yellow 20mcd 40mcd 50 2.10V 2.50V
E106 3 mm Green Clear 40mcd 80mcd 50 2.20V 2.50V
E112 3 mm Red Diffused 20mcd 50mcd 60 2.00V 2.50V
E113 3 mm Orange Diffused 20mcd 50mcd 60 2.05V 2.50V
E114 3 mm Yellow Diffused 12mcd 30mcd 60 2.10V 2.50V
E116 3 mm Green Diffused 20mcd 60mcd 60 2.20V 2.50V
E166 3 mm Green Clear 30mcd 60mcd 34 2.20V 2.50V
E169 Discontinued Replaced by E169B 3 mm Red Clear 300mcd 500mcd 34 1.85V 2.50V
E170 3 mm Red Clear 500mcd 700mcd 34 1.85V 2.50V
E171 3 mm Red Clear 700mcd 900mcd 34 1.85V 2.50V
E196 3 mm Green Diffused 18mcd 40mcd 40 2.20V 2.50V
E197 3 mm Red Clear 2,300mcd 4,500mcd 34 2.10V 2.50V
E198 3 mm Yellow Yellow 700mcd 1,200mcd 34 2.00V 2.50V
E199 3 mm Orange Orange 900mcd 1,700mcd 34 2.00V 2.50V
E21 3 mm Infrared Clear 8mcd 12mcd 50 1.20V 1.60V
E22 3 mm Infrared Blue 3mcd 16mcd 50 1.30V 1.60V
E252 3 mm Green Diffused 700mcd 1,400mcd 40 3.30V 4.10V
E253 3 mm Yellow Diffused 1,000mcd 1,600mcd 40 2.00V 2.50V
E472 3 mm Blue Clear 55mcd 100mcd 20 3.80V 4.50V
E482 3 mm Blue Clear 4,400mcd 6,220mcd 15 3.20V 3.50V
E902 3 mm Green Clear 17,600mcd 20,880mcd 15 3.50V 4.00V
E1003 5 mm White Clear 15,500mcd 44,000mcd 20 3.60V 4.00V
E118 5 mm Red Diffused 8mcd 45mcd 60 2.00V 2.50V
E119 5 mm Orange Diffused 12mcd 30mcd 60 2.05V 2.50V
E120 5 mm Yellow Diffused 5mcd 20mcd 60 2.10V 2.50V
E121 5 mm Green Diffused 18mcd 40mcd 30 2.20V 2.50V
E168 5 mm Green Clear 70mcd 200mcd 20 2.20V 2.50V
E181 -DISCONTINUED 5 mm Red Clear 380mcd 400mcd 50 1.85V 2.50V
E183 5 mm Red Clear 1,200mcd 1,400mcd 30 1.85V 2.50V
E184 5 mm Red Clear 1,800mcd 2,800mcd 30 1.85V 2.50V
E185 5 mm Red Clear 3,300mcd 4,000mcd 20 1.85V 2.50V
E194 5 mm Orange Orange 650mcd 2,500mcd 30 2.00V 2.50V
E195 5 mm Yellow Yellow 650mcd 2,000mcd 30 2.00V 2.50V
E23 5 mm Infrared Clear 7mcd 30mcd 20 1.20V 1.60V
E24 5 mm Infrared Blue 4mcd 30mcd 30 1.30V 1.60V
E301 5 mm Red Diffused 110mcd 150mcd 60 1.85V 2.50V
E303 5 mm Red Diffused 180mcd 250mcd 30 1.85V 2.50V
E304 5 mm Red Diffused 280mcd 400mcd 30 1.85V 2.50V
E474 5 mm Blue Clear 50mcd 150mcd 16 3.80V 4.50V
E484 5 mm Blue Clear 4,120mcd 4,800mcd 15 3.60V 4.00V
E903 5 mm Green Clear 13,800mcd 16,000mcd 15 3.50V 4.00V
E905 5 mm Green Clear 7,500mcd 15,000mcd 20 3.20V 4.00V
E260 3 mm Short Red Red 18mcd 60mcd 140 1.85V 2.50V
E261 3 mm Short Red Red 3mcd 5mcd 130 2.00V 2.50V
E262 3 mm Short Orange Orange 3mcd 8mcd 130 2.05V 2.50V
E263 3 mm Short Yellow Yellow 1mcd 3mcd 130 2.10V 2.50V
E264 3 mm Short Green Green 18mcd 60mcd 130 2.20V 2.50V
E265 3 mm Flat Red Diffused 36mcd 100mcd 100 1.85V 2.50V
E266 3 mm Flat Red Diffused 3mcd 5mcd 100 2.00V 2.50V
E267 3 mm Flat Orange Diffused 3mcd 7mcd 100 2.05V 2.50V
E268 3 mm Flat Yellow Diffused 1mcd 4mcd 100 2.10V 2.50V
E169B 3mm Red Clear 400mcd 900mcd 30 1.85V 2.50V
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