SUD Underwater Detector Modification

Modification of most SED detectors equipped with W Quartz Diffusers for use underwater.


Most of the SED (for ILT1700, ILT2400, ILT5000) series detectors are available in underwater SUD versions.

Every underwater detector is pressure tested to 40 meters depth (60 psi). The 'W' quartz diffuser is required to withstand the pressures of underwater use. Filters are optional, with O-ring seals between all filter rings. Standard SUD detectors come on a 100 foot long, water-blocked cable (Polypropylene reinforced cables up to 600 feet available). The anodized aluminum components provide excellent corrosion resistance to salt water, for all-weather durability.

Close-up SUD/U Detector with W Diffuser

SUD Underwater Detector

Underwater SUD033/U Detector
with W Diffuser

Detector in water