Line Filament Lamps

Line filament lamps are typically used in applications that require a thin line of uniform light in a very limited space such as illuminating LCD screens. These lamps have a long useful life and are available with capped or wire leads.  Contact us to speak with a lamp expert or for additional technical information.  Click the PDF link to view lamp reference drawings.

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Part No. Description MOL D
7154 MICRO AXIAL LEAD LAMP 5V .115A 13 3.2
7155 MICRO AXIAL LEAD LAMP 5V .115A 15 3.2
7159 AXIAL LEAD LAMP 6.3V .250A 10 2.5
7161 AXIAL LEAD LAMP 12V .100A 11 2.4
L9013 T-1 LINE FILAMENT LAMP 6.0V .370A, 24.5 5
L9013H T-1 LINE FILAMENT LAMP 6.0V .410A, 20 4.2
L914 LINE FILAMENT LAMP, 14.0V .50A 50 3.5
7156 MICRO AXIAL LEAD LAMP 12V .060A 50 3.5
7154AS15 T1 5V 0.115A AXIAL LEAD LAMP 109 4.83