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You may use the Flash-based Online Foot-candles/Lux Converter to convert either a reading you have taken in Lux or Foot-candles using a light meter or the sensitivity factor from a light detector's calibration certificate in Lux or Foot-candles, to the opposite unit in Lux or foot-candles. Please note: The sensitivity factor on your calibration certificate is expressed in (Amps)(m²)(lm-1) for Lux or (Amps)(ft²)(lm-1) for foot-candles, but you may simply choose Lux or Foot-candles in the converter.


You may enter the number to be converted either as a decimal (i.e. "0.000341") or as a number in scientific notation (i.e. "3.41e-04"). When using scientific notation, make sure you type the "e" before the exponent. You do not have to type the units of this number as you will select those in step 2.


Click the "Convert" button to calculate a new reading or a new sensitivity factor in units opposit to those selected. Click the "Reset" button to clear the form.


NOTE: FLASH-based converter - will NOT work on devices running APPLE Operating Systems.


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