New ILT1000 For Multi-Point Radiometric Monitoring

New ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Datalogger

multi-point radiometric monitor
ILT1000 Surrounded by Optional Optics

ILT is pleased to announce the introduction of the ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor and Data Logger.

Typical UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems monitoring applications include bottled beverage and food processing, drinking and pool water disinfection, HVAC, pharmaceutical/cosmetics, semiconductor, municipal wastewater disinfection. Details for several ILT1000 systems configured for monitoring UV lamps in germicidal/UV disinfection applications in the water/wastewater are available on the ILT Web site or by contacting ILT Sales. Custom and OEM inquiries for UV monitoring applications are also welcome.

Other ILT1000 applications include process monitoring, curing, plant photobiology, thin film deposition, ribbon clarity/glass production and liquid turbidity, and transmission measurements.

Click on this link for detailed info on the ILT1000 Light Meter, Monitor & Datalogger


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