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International Light Technologies (ILT) was contacted in early 2015 by an architectural firm, Gary Brink & Associates, to assist with some unique LED architectural lighting applications at a new AC Marriott Hotel in Liberty Township, OH.

Here is a list of the various applications, how ILT was successful in providing high quality, cost effective LED lighting solutions and application photos.

1. Drive-up canopy at entrance – The requirement for this application was the most challenging of this project. The designer required these fixtures to provide bright illumination beneath the canopy, but also wanted the ability to have these fixtures change colors during certain holiday seasons. ILT was able to merge a high-quality, efficient White LED strip with a color changing Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED strip enabling each to be controlled individually, while incorporating networked controls for all 53 fixtures. Each 4' fixture with White on 100% consumes <23W and produces nearly 2000 lumens. The entire canopy is powered with less than 1200W.

Marriot Hotel Custom LED Lighting-Drive-up Canopy


2. Back-Light for architectural panels inside lobby and common areas – The architect envisioned backlighting of these panels to create a 3-d effect by stepping the panels off the wall just far enough to allow a light source to be mounted behind it. ILT selected a low-profile, modest output fixture in warm, 3000K white, to create the desired look. The fixtures used consume less than 2.5W per foot and produce about 75 lumens per watt. ILT was able to provide the various lengths required to fit the space appropriately.

Marriot Hotel Custom LED Lighting-Back Lighting


3. Cove lighting behind reception desk, around ceiling, other locations – The architect wanted to highlight the reception desk with similar lighting to the back-lit panels. The same fixtures were used to provide cove lighting around the recessed area behind the desk creating a level of indirect light as desired. These fixtures were also used under the overhang of the desk as you can see in the left area of the photo.

Marriot Hotel Custom LED Lighting-Reception Area


4. Ceiling cove lighting in lobby – To create an open feel to the lobby and hall areas and provide additional indirect light, the architect included a cove area between the two ceiling heights. A similar output fixture as used in the previous cove areas was used to accomplish the desired effect. The use of these fixtures to provide a significant level of indirect light reduces the amount of direct light required from the recessed downlights.

Marriot Hotel Custom LED Lighting-Cove Lighting


5. Cove/accent lighting around the lounge/bar – Similar to the general ceiling cove lighting, the same fixture is used to provide a similar effect above the bar, highlighting the space while maintaining a comfortable light level.

Marriot Hotel Custom LED Lighting-Bar Lounge Area


6. Inverted “L” wall washing on outside of buildingMissing is a photo of the inverted “L” on the exterior of the building, used to highlight the architectural features of the hotel. ILT's Awning Illuminator was used for this application, providing a high level of light output, about 500 lumens per foot, used to wash the outer edge of the vertical wall and along the top of the roof.


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