ILT Launches ILT5000 Research Radiometer

ILT Launches ILT5000 Research Radiometer - The ILT1700 for the 21st Century!

ILT5000 Research Radiometer

The ILT5000 is “The ILT1700 for the 21st Century” improving on the industry standard with rapid measurements (up to 100 Hz), a broader dynamic range (100fA to 1mA), extensive supporting software apps, wireless communication, internal data storage, and a 4-20 mA output.

The broad linear dynamic range of the ILT5000 and the BNC input connector allow the meter to also serve as a highly sensitive and accurate picoammeter.

The ILT5000 supports numerous light measurement applications including, but not limited to; Radiometry, Photometry, Research, UVGI- Sterilization, Solar, Photoresist, Optical Radiation Hazard, Phototherapy, Photo-degradation, Plant Growth and more.

System configurations are based on the industry standard ILT1700 Research Radiometer/Photometer. The ILT5000 is backwards compatible with the ILT1700 “D” type sensors, as well as all of ILT's vast supporting filters, input optics, integrating spheres and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited/NIST traceable calibrations.

Learn much more about the ILT5000 by clicking on this link: ILT5000 Research Radiometer Web Page

See the ILT5000 at Photonics West, Booth 2241, Feb. 10-12, 2015