ILT Launches All New ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Low Cost, Hand-Held, Easy-to-Use Lux and Color Measurement Spectrophotometer

Illuminance Spectrophotometer

International Light Technologies (ILT), a leading designer and manufacturer of light measurement and detection systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of the all new ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer.

The ILT350 Illuminance Spectrophotometer is a low cost, easy-to-use, hand-held lux and color measurement spectrophotometer with NIST Traceable and ISO 17025 accredited calibration.

The ILT350 is ideal for making sophisticated light measurements in the field.

“As commercial/retail light sources like LEDs become more sophisticated, ILT has seen a need develop for lighting engineers and other lighting professionals to make more sophisticated on-site, in-the-field light measurements”, said Jill Fowler, Director of ILT's Systems & Sources product lines. “And that's just what the new hand-held ILT350 provides.”

The ILT350 comes with a built in 12 mm diameter cosine correcting receptor and magnetic protective cover.

The ILT350 has three measurement speeds including Fast (0.5 S), Slow (2.5 S) and Auto (0.5 – 27 S) depending on light intensities.  Data is provided in 1 nm increments. The spectral bandwidth is approx 2.5 nm (half bandwidth) with +/- 0.3 nm wavelength accuracy.  The internal memory can store up to 100 files and export data into Excel/Work formats.

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