Help Selecting an Underwater UV-Vis Light Measurement System

A researcher recently contacted ILT with the following UV measurement application:

"For my master research project, I am looking for a device to measure visible light, UVA and UVB radiation (W/m2 or W/cm2) underwater. I was  wondering whether or not your light meters are able to do so? Could you give me some additional information on the devices that could be used?"


Jennifer, one of ILT's Technical Sales Representatives, provided a detailed answer regarding this application.  ILT thought that her response might be helpful to other researchers with similar applications:

Thank you for considering ILT as your source for light measurement equipment.

ILT offers a variety of UV-VIS sensors that measure a wide range of applications. I see you are interested in measuring visible light, UVA and UVB.  Are you looking for one detector that will measure the entire range of UVB - Visible or did you want individual detectors for each range?  If you are looking for individual measurements, can you let me know if you are looking for the readout in the visible range to be W/cm2 as well or did you want this to readout in lux which is weighted to the human eye response?

If you are looking for UVB - VIS all in one reading, we suggest our SUD005/WU detector. This has a range of 250-675nm which will cover your wavelength range in one reading.  This can be used with our ILT2400 hand-held light meter as well as our ILT5000 and ILT1700 desktop radiometers.

If you need individual readings of each category we can certainly help you with that as well.

Our SED240/SPS300/T/W detector has a range of 280-315nm to cover your UVB readings. You can find more information along with the spectral curve at the following link:

For UVA, our most popular detector is our SED033/UVA/W which covers 315-390nm which can be found at this link:

ILT has two options for visible depending on whether you want W/cm2 or lux as shown below. Both will cover the same 400-700nm wavelength range.

For a readout in lux you would want our SED033/Y/W detector:

For a readout in W/cm2 you would want our SED033/F/HMR/W detector:

After reviewing these spectral curves please let me know if these will meet your specific application. Many times we are able to select different filters depending on your exact needs and we can certainly discuss this without filters if needed.

All of the above detectors can be made as underwater detectors with a standard cable length of 50 feet. We do offer underwater detectors with a 100 foot cable as well.

To select a meter to work with these detectors, please take a look at our meters page at

The ILT2400 is a hand-held meter with touch screen display. The ILT5000 has built in wireless technology, the broadest measurement range covering very low to very high intensities and comes with a free tablet for displaying the data.

The ILT1700 has been available for over 25 years. It has excellent reputation and is easy to use with a scientific notation formatted display.

If we can answer any questions for you about measuring light and our different meters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a similar light measurement application? Please contact ILT Systems Sales today!


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