Case Study: Cosmetic Display Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

ILT produces a number of custom LED lighting retrofit solutions every year, many of them for companies in the commercial/retail sector.

This custom LED lighting solution involved improving the overall lighting of retail cosmetic display cases in hundreds of drug stores across the USA.

ILT was approached by this company to see if a low cost LED retrofit lighting solution could be created for many hundreds of exiting cosmetic diplay cases.  Here's a synopsis of the challenge:

  • Objective – Improve illumination of cosmetic display cases while saving energy, but at a low-cost.
  • Incumbent Technology – Thousands of F48T8 fluorescent fixture from Madix. Honey-comb reflector used. Power consumption of greater than 44W, 4100K. Units are 4’ in length with AC power daisy-chained through fixtures.
  • Problem – Position of existing fluorescent tube along with the egg crate reflector results in poor light distribution – Most of the light emits straight down, even out away from the display case and is not angled toward the case. Lighting against the case is poor.
  • Challenge – Retrofit existing fixture with LEDs to improve overall display lighting performance, but at a low cost that is easy for field installation.

The retrofit LED lighting solution ILT produced is detailed on the following ILT Web page:

Case Study: Cosmetic Display Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Solution

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