NEW BASE Series LED Sign Modules

Surpasses Performance and Longevity of LED Sign Modules in Same Price Range While Delivering High Lumen Output Through Fully Integrated 160 Degree Beam Angle Lens

LED Modules and Rails for Shallow Signs


  • 2 or 3 SMD LEDs per Module
  • 2 Modules per ft, 15 ft strip to Minimize Cost
  • Fully Molded 160 degree Lens attached to Integrated Cup design
  • 3M VHB double faced tape
  • Mechanical fasteners for secure installation included
  • Low power draw, able to power 125 white modules (62 ft) of 1X2 and 82 white modules (41 ft) of 1X3 on 12 volt 60 watt power supply
  • IP66 Rated
  • UL Listed in US and Canada


ILT BASE Series LED Sign Module Web Page - Detailed Product Info and Specifications


ILT Sales Contact info:
Phone: (978) 818-6180
Email: [email protected]

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