MIL-STD 810G System

ILT Measurement Systems for Performing MIL-STD 810G


Bechtop Radiometer / Photometer

In order to perform MIL-STD-810G you need both the ILT950 Spectroradiometer and the ILT1700 Research Radiometer with the SED623/SCS810/W detector configuration.

MIL-STD-810G, Test Method 505.5 requires you to obtain readings within certain bandwidths. The ILT950 will automatically calculate all of these readings for you except the Infrared as the unit does not go that high.

The ILT1700 with the SED623/SCS810/W detector configuration (or the ILT1400 with the SEL623/SCS810/W detector configuration) will provide the last reading that you need for the infrared bandwidth (800-3000nm) in MIL-STD-810G.

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