Low Profile Detector for UV-C Light Measurement

An ILT Custormer recently contacted ILT Technical Sales with a specific detector requirement. Jennifer, one of ILT's Technical Sales Representatives, responded with detailed information about the appropriate detector for this application.  We added her response as a blog post because we thought this information would be useful to other engineers having the same measuement requirements.

Customer question:

"I currently have the ILT 1700 Research Radiometer and the SED240 detector. I am looking for a low profile detector for 254nm UV-C light that is compatible with the ILT 1700 radiometer. We want to be able to attach this sensor to a steel probe and measure UV intensity inside an enclosed UV chamber so it is important that the detector is not bulky. Can you please recommend a sensor/detector that would work for us?


Jennifer responded as follows:

Thank you for considering ILT as your source for light measurement equipment.

Our XRD140T254 detector is our low profile germicidal detector measuring 42mm diameter and only 20mm tall. The range of this detector is 249-259nm and when combined with your ILT1700 will measure 6.67e-9 to 6.67e+0 Watts/cm2.

More information on this detector can be found on our website at the following link: http://www.intl-lighttech.com/products/ilt1700-xrd140t254 

You may also be interested in upgrading your ILT1700 Research Radiometer to our ILT5000 Research Radiometer.  This new radiometer is software-controlled and sends readings to your computer/tablet via USB cable or wirelessly.  As this equipment was designed to interface directly to your computer, it makes datalogging and other measurements much easier with the use of our 5 complimentary software applications.  For example, the "Meters" application was designed to match the front face of the ILT1700 making this an easy transition for customers that own an ILT1700.  And ALL of the standard detectors that you use with the ILT1700 will also work with the ILT5000.

If you would like more information on the ILT5000 please see the following link and do not hesitate to contact myself for more information. http://www.intl-lighttech.com/products/ilt5000-research-radiometer

Have a similar light measurement application? Please contact ILT Systems Sales today!


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