International Light Technologies Changes Its Name To International Light

For nearly sixty years International Light Technologies has been a leading provider of calibrated light measurement systems, ISO17025 accredited calibration services, specialized light sources for instrumentation and sensing applications, and customized lighting solutions.

“The name change for ILT is really a return to our origins,” explains Thom Connolly, President and General Manager. “The company was founded in 1965 as International Light developing leading edge light meters and radiometers.  The merger with Gilway Technical Lamp in the early 2000s expanded our capabilities into the specialty lamp market, and where we added the Technologies to our name,” Connolly continued.  

Today International Light is part of Ocean Insight, with business units encompassing spectroscopy to imaging technologies, working within applications including biomedical, environmental, food & agriculture, industrial, research & science, and safety & security.  “Our name change aligns us with the other corporate brands under Ocean Insight,” explains Connolly.  “But while our name may have changed slightly, customers can expect the same quality of products and customer service that they’ve come to expect from ILT,” ensured Connolly.