ILT Monthly Newsletter - July 2014

About this Newsletter:
ILT has four major product divisions and each division is typically introducing new products and/or running special offers each month.  This newsletter provides an overview of those items.

Light Measurement & Detection Systems Division:
NEW! ILT550V Plant Growth Spectroradiometer - The economical ILT550 optimized for monitoring the visible spectral and intensity data of plant growth light fixtures.
Special Introductory Offer - 10% discount on ILT550V Plant Growth System.
Please contact ILT Systems Sales to Order.

Specialty Light Sources Division:
Lamps for Analytical Instrumentation - Tungsten Halogen Filament Lamps - wide range of radiation output from ultra violet to infrared; numerous configurations including bi-pin, MR11, MR16, dichroic, ellipsoidal and gold coated reflector assemblies (example: L7404 12V 20W bin pin lamp).
Applications include spectrophotometers and clinical chemistry analyzers.
Have multiple instruments, but must try before you buy? Please contact ILT Light Sources Sales.

LED Sign Division:
NEW Product! ILT LED Marquee Lamps
Never Change a Burned-Out Marquee Lamp Again!
S14 Medium Base and G30 Candelabra Base Lamps - 40,000 Hour Rated Life, Wet Location Rated, UL Listed, Dimmable, Low Power Consumption, Available in a Wide Variety of Colors, 5 Year Warranty.
Call or email ILT LED Sign Div. Sales today - mention "LED Marquee Lamps" and get 10% off first order!

LED Lighting Division:
NEW! CanopyLight Demo Units - Attention ESCO's and Electrical Contractors - Need a CanopyLight gas pump LED light fixture to show your potential customers to close the sale? For a limited time, ILT is providing a CanopyLight sample to qualified installers!
Call or email ILT LED Lighting Div. Sales today for Sample details.


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Phone: (978) 818-6180
Email: [email protected]

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