ILT Introduces New UV-LED Product Line

Over 30 Single & Multiple Chip Array UV LEDs Added to ILT's LED Product Line


The new product line includes a wide range of UV LEDs (UVA-LEDs, UVB-LEDs and UVC-LEDs) from 265 nm up to 400 nm in many package styles.

Recent improvements in UV-LED flux density have made UV-LED's a competitive option compared to traditional UV light sources such as mercury arc lamps.

Some of the many new UV-LED applications due to these improvements in LED technology include air, surface and water sterilization (germicidal), pesticide detection, supplying UVB for optimal plant growth, UV curing with more environmentally friendly curing formulations, counterfeit detection, black lights - the list is growing as UV-LED production technology continues to improve.

Learn more about this new product line by clicking on the following link:

New ILT UV-LED Product Line