ILT Introduces LED SoffitLights Retrofit Kit

DLC Listed - Replace Existing Metal Halide Soffit Lights Quickly, Easily and Cost-Effectively

UV-LED soffit lights

ILT SoffitLight LED light fixtures are easy-to-install, cost competitive retrofits for existing energy-inefficient, high maintenance metal halide light fixtures in a wide variety of soffit lighting applications.

ILT SoffitLight Features Include:

  • On DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) - Utility Rebate Eligible
  • Long Fixture Life – YEARS vs. Weeks/Months
  • Significantly Reduced Energy Consumption – 33W LED vs. Up To 200W Metal Halide
  • No Ceiling Cutting - Easy, Fast Installations
  • Focused Light – Lights Walkway Areas - Does Not "Pollute" Night Sky
  • 5 Year Warranty on SoffitLight & Power Supply


SoffitLight applications include retail mall exterior covered walkways, quick-serve drive-thrus, bank drive-up windows, fast-food exterior lighting - basically anywhere a facility has metal halide soffit lights installed.

Learn more about this new product by clicking on the following link:

New ILT SoffitLight LED Retrofit Kits

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