Custom Incentives for LED Signage Retrofits

How to apply for Custom Incentives for Signage LED Retrofits

By Pete Couture, Director, LED Lighting Division

This post explains how to get utility rebates for "custom" illuminated sign LED lighting retrofit projects based on energy saved.


Many utilities have a process to apply for incentives for “custom projects” based on energy saved as opposed to a “prescriptive” rebate program which is typically based on a set dollar amount per fixture replaced with an approved unit (DLC or EnergyStar certified). Because there isn't a category in DLC or EnergyStar for signage, any signage project to retrofit energy efficient LEDs must fall within a custom project incentive program.

Here are few key items to be aware of when applying for a custom incentive:

1. Most utilities require a pre and post audit to confirm energy savings. This is typically not required to apply for a prescriptive rebate.

2. Detailed product information, similar to what is submitted by the fixture manufacturer to DLC or EnergyStar, is usually required by the utility. They want to confirm that the fixture performs to known standards, meets any safety requirements, has an adequate warranty and has a life expectancy that meets or exceeds other similar technologies. (Example of the ILT K2 Summit Series LED Sign Module data required can be found below.)

3. Installation instructions, design assistance and UL retrofit certification are all key items to confirm are available when selecting a supplier for your signage retrofit project. Because signage is inherently custom by nature, to insure a successful installation, the supplier must provide a high level of support which includes these items.

International Light Technologies has a LED Sign Module called K2 which works well for a wide range of signage applications. K2, along with it's associated retrofit Rail and Bracket system, enables an easy retrofit of most sign cabinets. ILT customer service also offers design and layout assistance to make your installation go smoothly.


LED Approval Checklist

For LED products that do not fit in a DLC category, please attach the following documents as a PDF file and fill out the checklist below. Product will be compared to the most similar DLC category.

1. LM-79 Report (Testing lab requirements
2. LM-80 Report (Testing lab requirements
3. Product warranty
4. Product spec sheet
5. Product Installation Instructions
6. Safety certification documentation such as UL or ETL (must be NRTL)


Applicant Name  
Date Sept. 14, 2015
Manufacturer Name International Light Technologies
Model Number K2 ILT-1X3-W65-160
Lamp or fixture type LED Sign Module
Name of Safety Certifier (Must be UL or equivalent) UL
NRTL Test Number E332029
Length of Warranty (years) 5 years
RoHS Compliant? Yes
LM 79 Report – Name of testing lab UL
LM 79 Report – Test number(s) 1149075, 1149078, 1149077, 1149076
LM 79 Report – Test date(s) 8/25/2015;8/26/2015;8/28/2015;8/27/2015
LM 79 Report – Lamp input voltage 277VAC (to CEN-60-12 power supply)
LM 79 Report – Lamp current .264A for 60 modules
LM 79 Report – Lamp wattage 66.1W for 60 modules
LM 79 Report – Power factor 0.903
LM 79 Report – Initial lumen output 5860 lumens for 60 modules
LM 79 Report – Efficacy (LPW) 97.4 lumens/watt
LM 79 Report – CRI 85.1
LM 79 Report – CCT (Kelvin) 6495K
LM 79 Report – THD 16.80%
LM 80 Report – L70 Lumen Maintenance (hours)  
                         OR Lumen Maintenance at 6,000 hours (%) 99.0% at 10,000 hours, 150mA, 55C
Spec sheet – Rated life 60,000 hrs
Spec sheet – Dimmable? (Yes or No) Yes, with dimming power supply
Spec sheet – Lamp wattage 1W per module
Spec sheet – Initial lumen output 190 lumens/ft or 95 lumens/module
Spec sheet – CCT (Kelvin) 6500K


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